Our automated solutions


Our Automated Honeycomb Potting system automatically applies potting material for local reinforcements in honeycomb sandwich panels. It saves labour cost, is more accurate and has a seamless automated workflow, from design to automated manufacturing.

'Our Automated Honeycomb Potting system is designed to fill honeycomb blanks efficiently and accurately with potting compounds via a robotised platform. Where one traditionally applies the potting material manually or via a mechanised system in the aerospace industry, this new system is fully automated and digital.'

- Marcus Kremers, CTO Airborne

Automated Honeycomb Potting

The system is offered in three sizes:

Working Bee: our smallest solution. This honeycomb potting robot-cell is suitable for small spaces up to 25m2and flat honeycomb blanks.

Bumble Bee: our midrange solution. This medium robot-cell is suitable for spaces up to 44m2and flat honeycomb blanks as well as curved once.

Honey Bee: our largest solution, suitable for large honeycomb blanks, flat and curved, and will require a floor space of some 85m2.


  • Small footprint, easy to use, plug & play
  • Automated work-flow
  • Filling program based on CAD-data

Technical specifications

  • Honeycomb blanks up to 4000 x 3000 mm
  • Blank thicknesses tested up to 27 mm
  • Dosing speed up to 300 ml/min
  • Robot trajectory speed up to 65 mm/sec

Material specifications

  • Honeycomb blanks (Nomex)
  • Several potting compounds