From cutting to kitting and sorting


At Airborne we are building up a suite of automated solutions for the manufacturing of composites with the aim to radically reduce costs and touch labour, minimize the footprint and use of material, and improve the time to market for our clients. Our current offerings consist of the following automated solutions:

'By co-engineering and close cooperation, we achieve next generation, design-to-cost solutions with our customers'

Laminating Cell

Our Automated Laminating Cell is a multifunctional system that combines robotised tape laying, laminate cutting and pick & place. It is much more affordable than conventional systems, has a small footprint and can easily be adapted depending on requirements.

Pick & Place

By automating Pick and Place we help enable our clients to be more competitive by saving time and reducing costs.

Kitting & Sorting

Sorting and Kitting of cut composite plies is getting more and more complex. To significantly reduce touch labor and to radically improve clean room efficiencies, Airborne has developed an automated ply picking and sorting solution that places the cut composite plies into kits in the right order.

Honeycomb Potting

Our Automated Honeycomb Potting system automatically applies potting material for local reinforcements in honeycomb sandwich panels. It saves labour cost, is more accurate and has a seamless automated workflow, from design to automated manufacturing.