in Automated and Digital Composite Manufacturing Processes

Airborne is a technology leader in advanced composites, specialised in the industrialisation of engineering and manufacturing of durable fiber reinforced composites for Space, Aeronautics and Marine industries.

Our concept

  • Modular
  • Off-the-shelf robots
  • Interchangeable end-effectors
  • Software integration

Your benefits

  • Reduction of RC and NRC costs
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Low CAPEX
  • Highly flexible
  • Integrated composites automation

From Manual manufacturing

During the past 20 years, we have gained a reputation of being both a knowledgeable, reliable partner/supplier for high-end composites structures as well as a true innovator.

Our strong composite legacy has been built up at Airborne using traditional hand lay-up composite manufacturing. By knowing the past, we know how to face the future.

To Automated cells

Our dedicated business unit Airborne Composites Automation, together with our industrial partners Siemens and Kuka, enable us to realise your ambitions.

  • Airborne automated concept is based on off-the-shelf robots with interchangeable end-effectors, which will be completely integrated into your existing composite manufacturing facility.
  • Airborne pay-per-use contracts requires no CAPEX spending from our customers, while significant reduction of recurring and non-recurring cost and lead times are achieved.
  • Airborne is willing and capable to run initial or full composite production series at one of our European facilities.

To Digital manufacturing of complete lines

Airborne’s disruptive composites automation and digital concept offers a considerably higher performance per unit cost than is the current standard in the aerospace, space, automative and consumer goods industries. Based on Airborne’s strong composite heritage and enhanced development and integration of:

  • Automation
  • Digitization
  • Algorithm