From small sats to small launchers


In the space market, there is an increasing demand for small satellites: in the next decade many thousands of these smallsats must find their way into Earth orbit. But without access to launch, how can newspace companies get their smallsats to space and meet demand?

'In the space market we see an evolution towards more small satellites. The market forecast shows that in the coming 5 to 10 years many thousands of small satellites will be build and need to be launched. That is demanding a new solution for launching.'

Sandor Woldendorp, Director Airborne Aerospace

Getting your small satellites into space

The challenge for newspace companies is to get their own launching capabilities that disrupt in terms of price level, production capacity as well as reliability. At Airborne, we strongly feel that the solution doesn’t lie in ramping up classical series production.

Instead, the answer is smart production technology that can compete. How? By automating and digitalising your manufacturing process.

What are your challenges?

With over 20 years of experience we are able to find affordable solutions for your challenges.

Create lightweight, strong and capable microlaunchers by deploying advanced composites

Automate your composites production to disrupt in price, production speed and volume

Digitalise your fully automated production line with interconnected machines and digital devices 

Creating new opportunities for affordable launchers

As Airborne we participated in the SMall Innovative Launcher for Europe (SMILE) project. A European Commission Horizon 2020 project aimed at developing critical technologies to make dedicated launchers to launch small satellites. In 2018 we completed our contribution: automating the production of the SMILE demonstrator with our Automated Laminating Cell. It is the first demonstration of an affordable small launcher produced by an ALC in Europe.