Airborne Space is leading the way in the development and manufacturing
of composite panels for satellites

  • State-of-the-art solar-array substrates
  • Affordable panels for mega-constellations
  • Affordable structures for small launchers

The aerospace market demand for more cost-efficient manufacturing encouraged Airborne to focus on process automation. Our proposition offers a disruption in price and production volume of panels by applying smart automation, which means: low CAPEX, flexible, scalable and transferable robotic solutions.

Affordable composite structures

Airborne's disruptive composites automation concept offers a considerably higher performance per unit cost than is the currest standard in the space industry. This is made possible by combining design-to-cost, paperless product and process automation. Increased manufacturing capacity and reliability are additional benefits of automation.

New solutions for

NewSpace is literally turning the world upside down. Commercial initiatives for affordable launchers and satellite (mega-)constellations require disruptive solutions in the supply chain - in price level as well as production capacity - whilst maintaining quality. 

Competitive customers

The main goal of our automation strategy is to make our customers more competitive and enable them to grow in the ever evolving aircraft and spacecraft market. Airborne is committed to becoming a valuable partner, dedicated to enabling the business case for affordable satellite constellations.

Automated production line

Our concept ensures that automation becomes affordable for the manufacture of small to medium size series. Based on our 20+ years of experience within composite manufacturing, Airborne intends to become the leading solution provider in composites automation for the aerospace industry.